Business Network

Business Network of Companies and
Individuals who Support the
FREEDOM SUMMIT in Arizona 2006

Marc Victor, a founder of the Freedom Summit, introducing a speaker in 2005.

The Freedom Summit seeks to establish a network of “freedom-friendly” businesses to list on the Freedom Summit web site. The Freedom Summit encourages people who support the cause of freedom to patronize businesses owned by like-minded people. Although the Freedom Summit supports no centralized plan to achieve greater freedoms, money in the hands of people who support freedom can only be good for the cause.

If you qualify to be listed here, send an e-mail to our Business Network Agent.

Please patronize these businesses for
their continued support of liberty:

Marc J. Victor, P.C.
Specializing in Criminal Law
3920 S. Alma School Rd., Ste 5
Chandler, Arizona 85248
Phone: (480) 755-7910
Fax: (480) 755-8286
Donna Hancock
Brangus Realty L.L.C.
6528 E. Cave Creek Rd., Ste C
Cave Creek AZ 853314
(602) 828-1819
(602) 264-5111 (fax)
Liberty Haven Ranch
Desert Respite & Resort,
Firearms Training & Trail Rides

PO Box 400
Morristown AZ 85342-0400
(623) 640-7880
Freedom’s Phoenix
Ernest Hancock, Publisher
Richard D. Fisher MD.

Cosmetic Surgery


Declare Your Independence With Ernest Hancock: Radio Show

Live from 11:00am-1:00pm Central Time

Scott Bieser
“Liberty’s Cartoonist”
Riverside, CA 92507
(951) 640-2243
It’s Not My Debt

This debt is being foisted upon generations as yet unborn

The Arizona Breakfast Club

Join us on the last Saturday of each month in
Web Hosting & Web Site Development
No project too big or small
(888) 398-4405
American Open Currency

(888) 998.1115 x528

Anti-War.comThis site is devoted to the cause of non-interventionism and is read by libertarians, pacifists, leftists, “greens,” and independents alike


Arizona Web Advertising
Website Design & Hosting
741 E. Highland Av., Ste 7450
Phoenix, AZ 85011-7450
(602) 997-0088
The Daily Reckoning
Freewheeling web site for Libertarians, gold bugs and doom enthusiasts.

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